Zoe Rasch is one of Berlin's most celebrated DJs in a city where nightclubs are a major attraction.

Berlin's concept stores are a favorite destination for Zoe Rasch especially the recently opened oukan71 (http://www.oukan71.com/) that features Japanese-inspired fashion and matcha milkshakes.

Berliners love their white asparagus or 'spargel.' Daniel Simon heads to a neighbourhood restaurant, Gugelhof (http://www.gugelhof.de/), for the delicacy.

Iris von Tiedemann is a vital part of Berlin's culture scene and regularly visits the wide-range of museums that includes the Staatliche Museen (http://www.smb.museum/smb/home/index.php?lang=en

Daniel Simon, who runs a busy international marketing and advertising company, spends his down time biking and walking around his neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg.

An elegant destination at any time of year, von Tiedemann has frequented Einstein Cafe (http://www.cafeeinstein.com/) for decades. The apple strudel and hot chocolate are famous.

Medini Duman is hairdresser to the most stylishly coiffed Berliners. Dinner at Hasir Ocakbasi (http://www.hasir.de/) in the Turkish part of the city is an unforgettable gastronomic event.